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The war in Vietnam was a puzzling war to our men and women who fought in it as well as to our politicians who had to deal with the situation. If our military had been allowed to do their thing and fight the war we would have ended it quickly. The Presidential administration at that […]

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February 11th, 2012

The number of Vietnam Veterans is dwindling but there are still a good number of them left. Vietnam was a different type of war and a turning point for our military and our nation. Both our country and our military learned some hard lessons from Vietnam war which have stuck with us and have enabled […]

Leslie Sabo who was killed in action in Vietnam on May 10 1970 may finally get his just due. He was recommended to receive the Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in a prolonged fire fight that day when he killed many enemy soldiers and saved many of his comrades from death. Private Sabo […]

The Army Freedom military ring can refer to any campaign that has ever been fought by our soldiers. The bottom line is freedom. If you are a WWII veteran you can purchase this ring as a WWII ring. If you served in the Vietnam war and are a Vietnam veteran you can design it to […]

Specialty military jewelry is any jewelry which can be created to display characteristics of a specific military occupation, place, person, time, or event. We offer specialty military rings because we know from our experience in the military that there are hundreds of job titles, places to serve, and events which are special in one way […]

This movie is a true masterpiece! It stars Edward James Olmos, Ruby Dee, and Savion Glover. This movie is a touching story that goes back to some of the objects left at the wall in Washington DC. The movie takes three different objects left behind at the wall and in three short stories tells the significance […]

The 101st Airborne Division recently hosted a welcome home ceremony for Vietnam War Veterans recently. In my humble opinion I think that it was a very good gesture to make, and long overdue. Oue Vietnam Veterans were the victim of General Ho Chi Mingh’s propaganda tactics when he suceeded in making the war unpopular here in […]

We just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our Vietnam Veterans both living and dead. We appreciate all that you left on the battlefields of that country while you were serving your own country. The nation did not learn to appreciate you as it should. We the Veterans of […]

The Bell UH-1 Iroquois helocopter which is otherwise known as the “Huey” became well known during the Vietnam war because of its functionality and multiple uses. This helocopter was nicknamed  the “Huey” by the Marine Corps. This name stuck and was eventually used by all branches of service and even by the company which produced it. The HU-1A […]

This is the latest article on producing various types of military rings. I have noticed that while the news and information that we provide on our blog gets much attention, many people are looking for practical information on the product itself. We will make the next few posts informational on some of the various designs […]