What Does the Term Damage Control Mean?

Posted December 3rd, 2009 by OldWarrior

damage controlDamage control is the term that our custom Navy ring customers, and our Coast Guard ring customers are more familiar with.

Damage control refers to the actions taken by the ships crew to prevent the ship from sinking and may be one or a combination of many possibly actions. Damage control actions are normally temporary fixes to the major problems.

The ships engineers will eventually perform s permanent fix but the initial goal is to prevent the ship from sinking. There are many ways for the crew to repair a leak or fix a problem. Most of these include attaching metal bands or strips, adhesives, and using plugs.

Have you ever seen the WWII movies where ships had watertight doors that always had to be closed in time of war. This effectively compartmentalizes the ship and prevents the water from spreading throughout the ship.  

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