Who is the Queen of Battle?

Posted June 10th, 2009 by OldWarrior

File:InfantryBC.gifThe Us Army Infantry is known as the Queen of Battle. When you think about the role that Infantry plays in combat, the first thought that came to mind for me is that Infantry should be called the King of Battle.

When I thought about it more I came to the conclusion that this is the best title. The reason for this is that if we look at the Chess Board and the role of the different chess pieces we can compare the role of the Infantry to the queen. The chess queen is the most powerful single piece on the board. She engages in direct action against any and all of the opposing pieces. She can take out anything else on the board and will do the most damage. If you lose your queen you are virtually guaranteed to lose the game. She is hard to catch or trap because she is so mobile. She can quickly move into and out of those hard to get at areas. Sometimes she must go in and out very quickly in order to avoid being trapped. Lastly, the King has to depend on her to get the job done. She rules the board.

So whenever you hear the term “Queen of Battle” as it refers to the Infrantry think in terms of the chess queen and what she can do. Infantry soldiers are by far the majority of customers that we serve with US Army Infantry Rings, this shows the pride that those soldiers have in their branch.


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