A Sergeant Majors Academy Ring Can be Complicated

Posted October 2nd, 2009 by OldWarrior

rings-photos-020.jpgThe United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) was established in July 1972 in Fort Bliss Texas. The chief purpose is to develop  common training for all advanced Non commissioned Officers Courses (ANCOC) in the United States Army. This is a  pretty wide umbrella because it covers the Warrior Leader Course (WLC), the US Armys First Sergeants Course, and the Command Sergeant Majors Course.

Now I hope that you understand why creating a Sergeant Majors Academy Ring can turn out to be a complicated task. Not only is there so much design information to choose from, there is also so much activity to put on your ring. If you were or are permanent duty at the academy that is one thing, but if you attended the Command Sergeant majors course that is a totally different situation.

The good thing about creating your custom military ring with us is that we give you so many options that you can create a service ring with just about any combination of ideas. For example if you attended the First sergeants Course, and the Command Sergeants Major Course you can easily combine them on the same ring.

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