Balfour Military Rings

Posted June 12th, 2009 by OldWarrior

rings-photos-044.jpgBalfour has been in the business of making custom class rings and military rings for a very long time. Balfour has an excellent track record for quality and pricing of our custom rings.

Balfour offers military rings for all branches of service and every conceivable military occupational specialty. When you decide to design a Balfour military ring we are here to assist you in every way. We have served hundreds of customers over the years and are familiar with your needs. There are no additional charges for custom work on these rings, in other words the price that we give you up front is the same after you have finished the design of your ring. We do not charge you for the extras.

If you compare you will find that we give the lowest prices in the industry (at least we don’t know of any lower). All of our rings come with a lifetime guarantee. If you have a problem with the ring send it back and we will replace it. Let’s be reasonable now, if you smash it or back over it with your car we can’t honor this warranty, but we will remake the ring for you for a fraction of the original price. Feel free to check out our military ring website and compare. If you want to contact us feel free to e mail or call us at 912-877-4734.

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