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Posted May 4th, 2009 by OldWarrior

atomic annieSplash is an artillery term which the Fire Direction Center sends to the field artillery forward observer during an actual call for artillery fire. This term can be used at anytime but the intended purpose is for it to be used when the forward observer is under enemy fire and has to keep his head down.

The forward observer notifies the fire direction center that this is the case when he calls for artillery by adding the words “request splash” to his call for fire. This alerts the fire direction center to give him a call 5 seconds before the shell impacts to let him know that he needs to take a look to see where it lands so that he can make corrections if necessary, and observe the amount of damage that it does to the target and make the necessary adjustments. The FDC notifies him to look up simply by saying the word “splash” over the radio. I just thought that you non artillery types would like to know just a little bit of artillery trivia. This simple request is very effective and simple to communicate. This is an example of how the call for fire has evolved and become more efficient over the years. One word in this case communicates a wealth of information. This is the same principle of the custom military ring. One picture, or design, or word, is used to communicate many different meanings. The simplest thing can convey a wealth of information.

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