Practical Tips for Avoiding Detection by Drones

Posted March 2nd, 2013 by OldWarrior

drones will be based in guamDrones have been such a nuisance to the Taliban that they have published instructions to their members on how to avoid being detected.

The document which was left behind by Islamists who had to evacuate a hideout contained many piratical tips on how to either avoid being seen from the air or how to deceive the spying eyes behind the drones.

The tips use camouflage and deception as the primary means of survival and obviously they have proven helpful but drones are still the most effective means of killing off the top leadership of al-Qaeda and the Taliban

The success of some of the tips will depend on the circumstances and the model of drones used. When looking down from the air an imagery sensor would interpret a mat stretched over the top of a car (which is one tactic) as one lying on the ground which would effectively hide the vehicle from view.

New models of drones, such as the Harfung used by the French or the MQ-9 “Reaper,” sometimes have infrared sensors that can pick up the heat signature of a car whose engine has just been shut off, but even an infrared sensor would have trouble detecting a car left under a mat tent overnight because there would be no heat there to detect. So another tip is to avoid using anything that will leave a heat signature.

Hiding their vehicles under the cover of trees along with abandoning their vehicles when drones are suspected to be in the area are two other common sense techniques that I’m sure have worked for many of them in the past. Other means of camouflaging vehicles  includes the use of mud and other natural materials to break up its outline and make it appear as the surrounding area.
The biggest advantage of the use of drones for the US is they save us from having to use our own military ring troops to fight a long, arduous, and costly war. The truth of the matter is that the Taliban will never be destroyed, nor will terrorism be wiped out. The uses and tactics of drones will evolve as the war evolves along with the methods of hiding from them




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