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Posted August 20th, 2012 by OldWarrior

The Korean War was another turning point in military history. This war caught us totally unprepared to fight and the consequences of not being ready were all too apparent.

Most of the units who were present during the outbreak were untrained, undisciplined, and ill equipped to fight a war. The result was that many of the units broke and ran when they were faced with the overwhelming influx of North Korean invaders.

NATO forces were able to regain the initiative and push the North Korean army back and would have won the war but the Chinese interveined because they felt as if NATO would cross the border into China and invade them also.

Chinese forces crossed the Yalu River border into North Korea and began an offensive which served to push UN forces back to the 38th parallel which is the rough border between the two Koreas today.

UN forces could not stand against the human wave tactics of the Chinese Army. The Chinese had so many troops that they just kept sending wave after wave. It was impossible for UN troops to kill them all and they would eventually overrun UN outposts.

Few people know that the two Koreas are still technically at war. They signed a cease fire armistice but never ratified a peace treaty.

The major US Army Division located on the Demilitarized Zone DMZ, is the Second Infantry Division. The controlling authority for US forces in Korea is the Eight US Army Headquarters.

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