Congradulations To Robert Aston

Posted December 29th, 2008 by OldWarrior

Airman Robert Lee Aston was finally awarded the silver star 64 years after he was recommended for it. This brave airman sucessfully navigated his B-24 bomber through extremely adverse flying and navigating conditions, without escort, through heavy flak to engage his primary target. He then went on to organize a few straggling bombers into an effective fighting group which was able to reach its target.

These single acts of gallantry by our fighting men and women are often the difference between winning and losing a battle. There are probably so many stories like this one that have never been told that history will never be complete. A military ring, or an Air Force commemorative ring is an excellent way to remember these events that may seem to be small but are certainly significant. We thank you Mr. Aston for your service.

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