The Scales of Justice Side Panel Design

Posted April 16th, 2012 by OldWarrior

The scales depict the concept of justice and the fact that true justice is often unfair. The two sides of the scale represents truth and fairness. Sometimes truth out weighs what is fair.

The saying that justice os blind refers to the ideal of justice however when we add the human factor justice will sometimes take a wrong turn because people are seldom objective. Judges should also be objective and the vast majority are but sometimes things just don’t play out that way.

The underlying concept of justice is good but just like anything else things can sometimes get twisted.

The design shown above is one of the many side panel designs that we offer. You can use it as one of the side panel designs for your custom military ring along with all of the other choices for customization that we offer. Click the following link in order to view this design on our web site. The Scales of Justice Side Panel Design



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