Where Did the Term Leatherneck Come From?

Posted July 2nd, 2009 by StylinSoldier

marine dress blue uniformThe term “Leatherneck ” is one of many slang terms for Marines but few people know of its orgins. This term came into being because it referred to the high leather collar which used to be issued to British and American Marines.

One rumor about the purpose of this collar was that it was issued to Marines to protect the neck from sword blows. It was a 3and1/2 inch collar which fastened at the back. The true story behind this leather collar is that its purpose was to keep the head straight and erect thus improving military bearing.

The leather collar has not been used for many years but if you will notice the high stiff collar on the dress blue uniform. This is a throwback to the old leather collar.

Now look at the uniform that this marine is wearing. It looks sharp but one thing that I believe will help out is a custom Marine Corps Ring. 

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