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   There are many ongoing discussions as to whether or not women should be allowed to fill in combat roles in different parts of the military. I for one see nothing wrong with it but I am very I have trepidation’s about it because a captured woman prisoner can be used as a propaganda tool […]

Fort Benning Georgia is the home of the US Army Infantry so it has many different military schools there is a diverse  number of different Infantry troops trained there from countries around the world. Fort Benning has a rich history because Infantry Troops are the most famous troops in the Army as they should be. Many […]

   There are two categories of military rings that you can purchase brand new. They are custom military rings and rings that are produced from the same mold. The beauty of purchasing a custom military ring is that you can determine exactly what you want your ring to look like before you purchase it. It […]

   Retirement may be the most important time in the life of a military troop. By this time they have put in at least twenty years of active military service and it is certainly a milestone that only a few can attain. Military service is very demanding both physically and mentally. I have seen many […]

    I like to tell my customers to do their research before they attempt to order a custom military ring. You first have to know where to look. The best way is to go online to one of the many military ring sites or you can just click the link at the end of this […]

    We began this business as a sideline to a gift shop that we once operated in Fort Stewart Georgia. We were approached by our dealer to begin to carry the military rings in our store which was located on the military base and we agreed. We soon found that it was a very good […]

   We offer custom military rings that you can create to make a bold statement of the time that you spent in military service. You are in total control when it comes down to producing your military ring. You get to choose every single design or piece of custom work that you want. The statement […]

      I was remembering the time in my life which was the most fearful and I have to say hands down that it was the day that I was dropped from the 250 foot airborne training tower during paratrooper school. Because of time constraints during training only a few get the opportunity to be dropped […]

    A military memorial ring is a military ring that is created to memorialize a specific time, place, or event. The beauty of being able to create a customized ring is that you get it to tell the exact story that you want it to tell. Our customers will create new rings to memorialize their […]

   Custom military rings can be ordered for each of the sexes and the same designs can be used for the rings for each sex. Every ring comes with a lifetime warranty regardless of the ring, or metal type. You can choose your own design by going to our web site and browsing through all […]

  The concept of ordering a custom military ring is that you create a ring that speaks specifically of your time in military service. Since it is created specifically for you it bears your signature in the sense that it tells your story and no one else can lay a claim to it.The beauty of […]

     Contrary to popular belief there are many military patriots around who love the armed forces and their country. Their are many who serve for the money but when they wind up in combat fear makes every soldier a good soldier. Even the problem troop will snap to when he is placed in a […]

Military Rings for Ladies

March 30th, 2015

  Women s military rings can be created to commemorate every type of military event, job, service, or unit. The role of women in the military may be expanding so the number of available ring designs will also have to be expanded in the future. The military is looking at sending women to military combat arms […]

   Military service rings are available for all branches of service and both sexes. The traditional military ring is a mans ring because men have been the dominant population in the military for so long. You can purchase a military ring for men for many reasons, among them are that men’s military rings can be […]

   Operation Desert Storm was probably the next to last major conflict that the United States will ever be involved in. I predict that the next one will be with with China. Of course I can be wrong but the probability seems very likely that this will ba a future occurrence. Operation Enduring Freedom was […]