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  I don’t know if I personally agree with this technology but rumor has it that the US military is working on a computer chip which can be implanted into the brain to connect the brains of troops to computers. I do admit that the possibilities are almost limitless. Commands and directions could be given directly […]

  Personally I believe that we are doing just about the best job that can be done against ISIS. Many people say that we should send more troops to fight them but I am in disagreement for several reasons; 1) Sending more troops is not the solution to the problem. 2) Investing the lives of […]

  I think that the first way to better fight ISIS is to allow the countries who are affected the most by their behavior do their own dirty work. I believe that if we distance ourselves from ISIS, the war, and the publicity that we give them by referring to them in the media and […]

  I say that we should arm them and train them to fight against ISIS and anyone else who comes after them. Everyone else is armed in the region so why not arm the Kurds also? They have traditionally been the whipping boys for the Iraqi government and it seems anyone else looking to make […]

  President Obama certainly gave information which we need to digest when he characterized the War on Terror as being like nothing that we have ever seen before. Our people, government, and military had to adapt to something which is totally contrary to anything else which we have ever been through. We miscalculated many things […]

It seems that over the years many of our allies and fellow citizens have formed a misconception of our Armed Forces. They seemed to be viewed as the world’s knuckle draggers who are called to go and fight and die for someone elses’ cause and for the general happiness and amusement of the American people. […]

Afghan Prisoners are Freed

June 28th, 2016

A joint Afghan-U.S. and Afghan Special Forces operation recently freed about 40 Afghan troops from a Taliban prison in Helmand Province. this does not seem to be significant on the surface but upon further examination the wisdom of this operation becomes apparent. The Afghan  Security Forces needed a de facto victory to help to boost […]

  This is certainly not a surprise to me and shouldn’t be to anyone else reading this article either. We know that the purpose of US Special Forces Troops is to train the people of a country how to rise up and fight their captors. When Indigenous forces are trained to fight they may not […]

   The Philippines have responded to Chinese expansion and aggression in the area by requesting additional military equipment from the United States and South Korea. I know that they have recently received Naval equipment from the US and have secured fighter planes from South Korea. Their military has traditionally been underfunded which leaves them very […]

  My opinion is that every American citizen whether male or female should be required to register for the draft. I also believe that every American should be required to undergo military training and assigned a role in the ready reserve whether he or she serves on active duty or not. Now that is my […]

  I like to write about American military technology as those of you who know me have probably realized by now. In this post I want to just give you an idea of the military value and potential of the B-1 Bomber. Let me say beforehand that the US military has equipment which is specifically […]

All Commando training is especially tough and often pushes our servicemen and woman to their physical and mental limits as it is designed to do. The branches of the military have been doing this for quite a while and they know exactly how far the human mind and body can be pushed before reaching their […]

  The US Navy has begun the process of integrating female candidates into the Navy SEAL Program. Many believe that there will be resistance from the rank and file of the SEAL community but I am inclined to disagree. I believe that any female candidate who successfully completes the training will be welcomed into the […]

The American Eagle Military Ring is probably one of the most classic looks that we offer with military jewelry. It is tough and has simple lines which seem to give it a look which is much more masculine than just about any other available ring. This particular ring has a very high polished shine that […]

   Hell Naw. When I remember all of the times that we have asked the French for help and they were to arrogant to do anything for us. They have been supplying anti tank weapons to the Kurds in Iraq which has been a big help in their efforts to fight ISIS. The MILAN (Missile […]