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Coast Guard Cyber Warfare

July 2nd, 2015

  The US Coast Guard has outlined a new cyber strategy while renewing long-standing complaints that a lack of funding has hamstrung proven efforts to interdict drug trafficking. The leadership last week put forward arguments for increased support of a unique service with law enforcement authority under the Department of Homeland Security for taking on […]

            China’s new white paper on military strategy indirectly criticizes the United States for “meddling” in South China Sea affairs but also calls for a strengthened relationship to prevent crises from occurring. The paper criticized other nations, without naming them, for “illegally occupying” reefs and islands and creating provocative situations […]

   For more than a decade, troops here have been schooled in counterinsurgency. “Mission-specific” training, they call it: going house to house, busting down doors, rooting out terror cells, recognizing crude explosives. Now, after a pair of mission-specific wars, an Army in transition aims to get back to the future. The training needed to fight full-scale, more […]

   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is developing a ballistic wallpaper that would protect soldiers by shoring up abandoned masonry or brick used as temporary shelter in the case of a blast. I am normally all for new technology but I don’t know if this one will be […]

The Coming Iron Man Suit

June 25th, 2015

  Defense firms tried to dazzle special operations officials here in hopes of one day being selected to build the command’s futuristic operator suit — typically referred to as the Iron Man suit. U.S. Special Operations Command launched its effort to create the highly-advanced, Tactical Assault Light Operator’s Suit, or TALOS, in 2013 to “provide comprehensive ballistic […]

   North Korean leader Kim Jong Un praised scientists’ recent test of a submarine-launched ballistic missile, calling it an “eye-opening miracle” and a “historical event” that has given the country a powerful new weapon. The authenticity of the test has been widely doubted, with analysts questioning whether images released by Pyongyang were doctored and whether […]

  I remember as a kid seeing futuristic aircraft flying around firing death rays at other aircraft and individuals and obliterating them instantly. This concept obviously seems to have come to life with the advent of lasers which will be mounted on aircraft. This is not a new concept but technology is just getting to […]

   During his years in hiding, Osama bin Laden urged followers to concentrate on attacking Americans and wrote bittersweet letters to one of his wives and his children, according to documents released Wednesday by U.S. intelligence officials. Many of the captured letters and documents that Navy SEALs found in bin Laden’s headquarters he was killed have been […]

  The U.S. Army is experimenting with acoustic threat detection systems to help soldiers in combat zones pinpoint the location of incoming fire, from automatic weapons to rocket-propelled grenades. This certainly sounds like a good concept but the model that I see here is genuinely lacking because it is big and cumbersome, and it seems […]

 The US Air Force plans to be able to incinerate targets such as incoming missiles with laser weapons mounted on C-17’s by 2023 as part of a directed energy developmental effort, service official said. The High Energy Laser, or HEL, is being tested by the Air Force Directed Energy Directorate. Ground tests are slated for later this year […]

  A few defense analysts including former military officers called for as many as 20,000 U.S. ground troops to be deployed to Iraq to combat Islamic militants gaining ground in the country. My first response would be to say no, however we have too much invested in the security of Iraq to allow it to […]

    China said recently it is entitled to keep watch over airspace and seas surrounding artificial Islands that they have created in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. China is very obviously looking to extend an offensive presence in the South China Sea because they need some of the valuable resources that are there to keep their […]

  More homeowners are tearing down wallpaper then putting it up in their homes. Yet a group of Army engineers think wallpaper could be more valuable than ever for soldiers seeking shelter. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) is developing a ballistic wallpaper that would protect soldiers by shoring […]

     The movie titled Good Kill revisits the peak drone warfare year of 2010, with Ethan Hawke playing Major Thomas Egan, a fighter pilot who finds himself repurposed as a drone pilot in the Nevada desert. There’s problems with the family, ethical dilemmas once the CIA starts picking targets and a lot of frustration with remote […]

  Textron Systems showed off its newest effort to develop an ultra-light 7.62mm machine gun at the 2015 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference. The new MG is being designed to weigh 14.5 pounds – more than eight pounds lighter than the lightest version of the M240. The effort is part of the Case-Telescoped Weapons and […]