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Design a Sniper’s Ring

March 27th, 2015

  The Military Sniper is a valuable asset to the unit commander. Sniper warfare gives the commander the option of removing selected high value targets which could have a detrimental effect on the battle which is to come. Snipers can be used in direct combat on the immediate battlefield or they can be deployed behind […]

   Celestrium is the common term that we use to refer to the jeweler’s alloy which we use to make our Custom Military Rings. Celestrium is the same as Valadium. The name was changed to celestrium after we added a new catalog and changed the names of some of our ring designs. There are definite […]

   United States Marine Corps Military Rings are designed to tell the story of the time that you spent while serving in the Marines. A Military Ring is one of the ways that you can share the traditions and history of the Corps with the rest of the world. You can use this ring to […]

   Air Force Military Rings are designed to tell the story of the time that you spent while serving in the US Air Force. The Air Force has traditions of giving memorabilia such as coins, plaques, medals, and ribbons to tell the story of your time in service. The military ring can be used in […]

     Army Military Rings are designed to tell the story of the time that you spent while serving in the Army. There are many applications that you can use since there are so many different functions that the military can be involved in and so many diverse Army jobs. The Army has traditions of […]

  There is a large variety of information offered for the US Navy and Navy ring designs. Many of our customers come from such different Navy backgrounds that it is difficult to have any two Navy rings that look alike. Navy Military Rings are designed to tell the story of the time that you spent while […]

  One question that we get from our custom military ring customers is, “what type finish should I get for my ring?”  Well we will never try to make that decision for you but we will tell you a little bit about each choice. First of all you have this choice with  either our 10kt or 14kt gold […]

   The 48th Infantry Brigade is a modular infantry brigade of the Georgia Army National Guard. It was organized in 1825 and served the Confederate States of America during the Civil War. The unit was brought into service on April 20 1861 at Macon GA and was surrendered at Appomattox VA. The 48th has seen […]

  This is the latest article on producing various types of military rings. I have noticed that while the news and information that we provide on our blog gets much attention, many people are looking for practical information on the product itself. We will make the next few posts informational on some of the various designs […]

    From time to time we get questions about our goldtone celestrium military rings I attempt to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our goldtone celestrium rings. These rings are also known as valadium. Celestrium is a jeweler’s alloy which is strong, durable, malleable, extremely chemically resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, and looks identical to our […]

This post is to those of you who have served in Operation Enduring Freedom or you who want to create a custom Operation Enduring Freedom ring for someone who has or will serve in Afghanistan. We will add posts which are more informative to you to assist you in designing your custom ring. We have found […]

What are Laser Vue Designs?

March 21st, 2015

              When you look at the rings shown on the left you will see that each one has a design in the stone. These are called laser vue designs. Laser vue designs are designs that are etched into the stone of your military ring which are designed to help […]

   Operation Desert Storm was the first major war in which the power of a superior Air Force was clearly demonstrated to the civilian world. The US and her allies began the war with air superiority and the war ended with the Iraqi Air Force being a nonexistent entity. Air Power was clearly the key […]

Ladies have served in our Armed Services for quite a while and new frontiers for their service continue to open up. Women have been protected from having to serve in combat as much as possible in past conflicts but the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq showed us that this can’t always be the case. […]

   You can create a US Navy Career Service Ring regardless of how long that you actually served on active duty. You may have served for thirty years and been the Chief of Staff of the Navy, or you may have done only one tour. Either way you can create a custom military ring to […]