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When I served in the military I met some people who worked either directly or indirectly for the Clinton’s. I actually heard many negative rumors about them. I took the rumors with a grain of salt because after years of serving in the military I learned that there can be very little truth to rumors. […]

Have you ever heard of Goldman Sachs? If not, allow me to explain who they are to you. Goldman Sachs is a multinational investment banking firm which provides banking, investment management, securities and various other financial services to institutional clients. They provide underwriting services, asset management mergers, acquisitions and brokerage services to different governments, corporations, […]

The Serviceman’s Perspective                                                                                                                                                                                            Servicemen and women have their own reasons for serving. Most are lured into the service at that young age when they are between adolescence and adulthood. The adolescent mind is very impressionable, and seeks the acceptance ot their peers while the emerging adult mind seeks a worthwhile cause to be involved in. […]

I believe that this present time in history is critical in many respects. Presidential Candidates are in the process of convincing us that we should support them with our individual vote in their bid to win the election. I will support the candidate who can lead us through this critical time. Every citizen of this […]

I believe with all of my heart that her past failures are a sure sign of her future performance, unless Secretary of State Clinton is willing to make a drastic interim change. If not, I have no doubt that she will be doomed to repeat the same costly miscalculations which caused failure in the first […]

  This Celestrium Army Ring ring is highly polished, soft and ultra smooth. All of these features combined lead to a long lasting military ring rich with appeal and value. We have added a new ring with a ruby in the center in order to make it easier for you to have a choice and […]

The Antiqued Army Ring

March 25th, 2016

 The Antiqued US Army Ring is another classic style for a military ring. The one shown here is just one of many different custom military rings. The antiqued look makes it a classic which seems to be preferred by most customers. This ring has a traditional look which is hard to top by any other […]

The Army Executive Ring

March 21st, 2016

  The U.S. Army Executive Military Ring is a popular style of basic ring. It is bold and classic. Many of our customers like it’s traditional look while other customers like it because little or no customization is required. This ring comes in many different variations of metals and styles for each branch of service. […]

Army Combat Rings

March 21st, 2016

  The Army Combat Ring was added because of popular demand. Many tmes our customers want a ring that is generic in that they don’t want to go to the trouble of creating or designing a custom military ring or they don’t want to wait for the process to be completed. If you are one […]

  This custom military ring is very unique for many different reasons. The case with this ring as it is with the others is that every bit of the design work has a special meaning. The center of the Goldtone Celestrium Veteran’s Ring displays 3 Members of the Military, Brothers in Arms, demonstrating the everlasting unity […]

   The center of the ring displays 3 Members of the Military, Brothers in Arms, demonstrating the everlasting unity among Veterans. Veterans have a certain bond that no other group of people have even if they served in different branches of the military. the military is very unique and veterans may go through experiences that just don’t […]

March 13th, 2016

 The Celestrium American Eagle Ring is the Classic and extremely popular Eagle design. This is a very popular military ring and a very rugged looking signet ring. The eagle in the ring has been a symbol of power and authority for many thousands of years. The celestrium which the ring is composed of is a […]

   Actually incidents of Air Force Fighters crossing boundaries and being intercepted in the air are fairly common but they don’t always get reported. Most times when this happens pilots are ordered to do so to test the reaction time and techniques of the adversary. A pair of JH-7 Chinese fighter-bombers, came within 500 feet of […]

  New commercial satellite imagery shows Russia’s escalating military buildup in Syria. It seems to me that the Russians have learned some lessons from the past and are conducting business just a little bit differently. What I am referring to is the way that they seem to approach diplomatic actions in this post Cold War Era. […]