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  I don’t know if I personally agree with this technology but rumor has it that the US military is working on a computer chip which can be implanted into the brain to connect the brains of troops to computers. I do admit that the possibilities are almost limitless. Commands and directions could be given directly […]

  Marine Staff Sergeant Robert Van Hook was recently awarded a silver star for services that he rendered while serving in Afghanistan for heroism in a battle which took place in the past. His unit was on a mission to clear a village of insurgents prior to a visit from local Afghan Army leaders.  They […]

    The Navy is seriously adding some firepower to its submarine arsenal with a newer class  of nuclear submarines which will be infinitely more deadly than anything currently in the inventory. The new project is called the Ohio Replacement Program and much of the required and detailed planning has already been done. The best defense […]

  One of the things that our military does in order to continue to be successful is to adapt and change with the times. Every war is not the same so the tactics which may have brought success during the last campaign could very well be the downfall of the current conflict. Tools such as […]

Rules of Engagement are rules given to American combat troops which state the conditions effecting the application of force in any given situation, and the amount of force to apply. They are very effective because they often prevent the killing of civilians and overreacting to situations which is exactly what they are designed to do. […]

  The U.S. Army is considering buying smart optics for infantry squads. The use of the new optics would give them a massive advantage over any enemy that they would face off against on a battlefield. The nature of battle is to win and you must use every possible advantage to get the upper hand […]

Females have began to apply for positions within the USMC Special Operations Command after these jobs have recently been made available to them. This is heartening because it shows the willingness of many of our female service members to serve in military occupational specialties which are extremely dangerous and require total commitment and dedication. Every […]

   All branches of the military have recently opened opportunities for women to serve in front line combat units. The Marines have joined suit by introducing measures which will allow women to serve as infantrymen. The Marines will still have a long way to go as far as breaking the ground to prepare for women […]

Many in the Air Force have wanted to scrap the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt because of budget constraints and the fact that they believe a newer model may be able to perform the same function. I disagree with the point of performance because the A-10 was specifically created just for close combat support. The Air Force […]

   I believe that Infantry troops need every advantage that we can give them in combat. I also believe that the thing that makes our military so great is that we maintain the technological edge over our enemies. Troops need to have every possible advantage in combat situations because the object of combat is to […]

   Russia has certainly taken bold steps in order to become a a world superpower once again. They have dedicated time, money, and effort into rebuilding their total military machine. President Putin is deadly serious about being a major force in the world and will spare no expense in doing so. The reason that they […]

  The United States will not allow the Chinese to bully them enough to alter the way that they operate in the South China Sea. US ships have continued to operate regardless of whatever the Chinese happen to do in the area. I personally believe that this is the correct course of action because we […]

   There is no doubt in my mind that Iran has some type of nuclear device because there is always someone willing to accommodate their desires. We have fought on a global scale to prevent them from achieving their nuclear goals but we can’t stop them forever. We have tried many different tactics, and up […]

   The U.S. government has turned over to the Philippines the first of more than 100 armored personnel carriers to boost its military. Normally I would ascribe no particular significance to this event but there is a political significance. I believe that we are seeing a veiled message being given to the Chinese that the […]

   I like the fact that our military constantly upgrades its tactics and equipment. We need to continually update and upgrade to give our troops the best fighting chance during combat operations. I, as a former artilleryman am ecstatic about this newest piece of equipment because I know just how much of a difference that […]