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   This man is determined to make a name for himself by restoring Russia to the status of super power and hopefully making her the number one super power in the world. Their latest bid ended the Cold War and caused them to bankrupt their economy. He is a driven power hungry egomaniac who will […]

  The military will never tell us the full story about Spec Ops involvement in different locations worldwide but you can be assured that they are currently conducting multiple operations in a plethora of locations. We will never know everything that they have done on behalf of you and I and the rest of the […]

  Whenever the United States say that military advisors will be placed in another country they are generally referring to Special forces Troops. SF troops are tasked with organizing the indigenous people of a country into an Army which is capable of creating havoc and just being an overall nuisance to their enemies. They are […]

  We know that China needs to be able to acquire more in the way of natural resources in order to support its burgeoning population. They have made many incursions into territory which does not belong to them according to international law and subsequently made claim to it. They have recently built artificial islands in […]

   Actually incidents of Air Force Fighters crossing boundaries and being intercepted in the air are fairly common but they don’t always get reported. Most times when this happens pilots are ordered to do so to test the reaction time and techniques of the adversary. A pair of JH-7 Chinese fighter-bombers, came within 500 feet of […]

  New commercial satellite imagery shows Russia’s escalating military buildup in Syria. It seems to me that the Russians have learned some lessons from the past and are conducting business just a little bit differently. What I am referring to is the way that they seem to approach diplomatic actions in this post Cold War Era. […]

   The nation’s highest military court has affirmed the conviction and death sentence for a US Army troop who admitted killing two fellow U.S. soldiers at the start of the Iraq War. Hasan K. Akbar has used whatever appeal that he could to stall for time but there is no way that he will be […]

   One thing that I like about Special Ops troops is that they generally don’t care who you are, what you look like, or how weird that you are just as long as you can pull your weight and do your job. You generally will find it impossible to impress them with talk, pride, or […]

The New F35 Helmet

March 1st, 2016

  The U.S. Air Force is looking into designing a helmet which can help the pilot by being able to look through some solid sections of the windowless parts of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The initial cost for this new technology is high but I have always been one to say that we shouldn’t […]

  I was very surprised to find out that most of the prisoners who were detained in Guantanamo Bay were actually not captured by US troops. I was under the personal impression that many had been captured by Special Operations troops in snatch type operations but this is not the case. It seems that for […]

  The US Air Force sees drones as a partial solution to its lack of active pilots. Contractors are coming in handy in this situation and may have to provide a long time solution to the problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into some type of semi permanent solution. Their plan is to […]

  The ramifications of the military services opening up many different combat jobs is now evident in the US Navy. The Navy has began to accept women into its Submarine  Corps. There may be several reasons that this service was closed to women. For one, submariners may see action in combat and secondly, submariners live in very close […]

  Russia and China are notorious for copying US technology then mass producing our equipment in a cheaper version. Their strategy for victory is to use overwhelming numbers of weapons to overrun their opponent. The US strategy is to use superior tactics, training, and equipment to win. The key to US military victory rest on […]

  The Pentagon is announcing that the number of drone flights will be increased by 50 percent in the years to come but I personally believe that they are downplaying the number. Drones have been found to be beneficial for many different uses. They are good for military applications, law enforcement, and other civilian uses. […]

ISIS Engages in Criminal Acts

February 5th, 2016

  American hostage Kayla Mueller was repeatedly forced to have sex with Abu Bakr Baghdadi who led ISIS while she was in captivity. “They told us that he married her, and we all understand what that means,” Carl Mueller, Kayla’s father, told The Associated Press recently. Of course we know that this was the excuse […]