What does the Term “Grab some Real Estate” Mean?

Posted July 28th, 2016 by OldWarrior

  Every troop who has ever served in any branch of the armed services is familiar with this term. It means to get down and do some pushups. This is the standard military punishment for all minor infractions, or just something for your NCO to do to you depending on the mood that he happens to be in.

If this is the only punishment that you receive you are doing fine. Once you have done them you will normally be able to just get up and go about your business, unless the NCO is in a particularly nasty mood. Then you have too stand there and pretend to be concerned about the oral dissertation that he wants to give on why you shouldn’t do whatever it was again.

Sometimes they want you to give a detailed explanation on why whatever you were supposed to do but didn’t. If it didn’t happen and you made me do pushups for it as far as I am concerned the situation has ended and life needs to go on.

Many think pushups cause troops to not want to repeat the infraction again, but the truth of the matter is they  cause the soldier to formulate a plan to not get caught the next time that he decides to break the rules. This is a method of toughening troops mentally. After they have punished a few times in this fashion they are no longer intimidated.

The troop learns to evaluate the consequences of his decision to disobey the infraction beforehand. Is the fun going to be worth the punishment associated with it? If so who cares about getting chewed out. Purchase a Military Ring

The US Army is Older than the United States

Posted July 27th, 2016 by OldWarrior

140612-A-YG824-001  The official birthday of the United States is July 4th 1776, but the Army was formed in 1775. the reason for this is that before we became a nation we needed an organized military in order to remove ourselves from the dominion of the British.

The establishment of the Army was necessary if there were ever going to be any chance of independence from the British. Each State had an established militia which equated to a group of ill trained ill equipped volunteers who serve out of a sense of patriotism and obligation. they were not very well organized at all and were little match for the well trained, experienced, and well disciplined British Army.

The militia’s didn’t really have a structure or chain of command so if they had not been organized into an Army there is no way they would have been able to stand against the British.

Now if you allow me to be perfectly honest I don’t believe that the Continental Army would have been able to stand against the British if they had not had such a long logistics train. They had to keep their Army resupplied from across the Atlantic Ocean. Food and some materials were obtainable here, but reinforcements had to come from across the ocean. They did make use of escaped and former slaves and anyone else that they could get to pledge allegiance in the fight against the colonies but it was not enough.

The official date of the Army’s birth was June 14th 1774. It was done through a resolution which was made by the Continental Congress.

George Washington became the first Commander in Chief with the daunting task of organizing the rag tag forces into a formidable force. this elevated his leadership and made him the natural choice to become the first President of the United States. Military Commemorative Rings

Will Cyborg Troops be in our Future?

Posted July 26th, 2016 by OldWarrior

The U.S. military is working to develop a new chip technology that, when implanted, will connect human brains to computers – making cyborgs. (Photo: DARPA)  I don’t know if I personally agree with this technology but rumor has it that the US military is working on a computer chip which can be implanted into the brain to connect the brains of troops to computers.

I do admit that the possibilities are almost limitless. Commands and directions could be given directly to the soldier along with all types of pertinent information. Can you imagine current satellite information on the disposition of the battlefield directly into the mind of the soldier on the ground. This all sounds good but if you ask me there is a limit.

This would in essence create a cyborg. It is also believed that this technology can be used to augment the natural senses of sight, smell, and hearing. It is believed that it will have civilian benefits also such as restoring sight to the blind and helping the user to operate prosthetic limbs.

This system is called the Neural Engineering System Design (NESD).  It serves as a translator for brain impulses and the digital information which is sent to the brain. I read about how it will operate but I still don’t understand the process well enough to attempt to explain it to anyone.

I do feel that it Is questionable at best. I also believe that they will find some way to use it in military troops. they will probably introduce it in the medical industry first, and then use whatever success that they have to justify it’s use in troops. There probably won’t be a problem getting a soldier to volunteer for the implant, especially with the right financial incentives.

It may have been done already, or is being currently tested on live subjects. This is the type technology which we have been seeing on science fiction movies for many years. I wonder if the movie writers knew something that we don’t. Order a Military Ring   



The Story of a Silver Star Recipient

Posted July 25th, 2016 by OldWarrior

Staff Sgt. Robert T. Van Hook (Photo courtesy The Globe/Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune)  Marine Staff Sergeant Robert Van Hook was recently awarded a silver star for services that he rendered while serving in Afghanistan for heroism in a battle which took place in the past.

His unit was on a mission to clear a village of insurgents prior to a visit from local Afghan Army leaders.  They spotted a group of men who certainly fit the bill and knew that something had to be done.

The Marines rushed the position. This may seem to not make sense to you if you are not initiated in combat operations but it really works. A frontal assault from close range can be effective because it usually takes the enemy by surprise. If it is executed with enough force they can be overrun before they can react.

Sergeant Van Hook “executed a hasty ambush” on the men, according to his medal citation, which worked like a charm. Some may think that he was crazy to use such a tactic but in this case his training just kicked in automatically. His team of Marines remained there where they provided support and over-watch for the delegation which entered the village the next morning.

They did come under attack again from a group of insurgents who located them and began to direct fire into their position. This is not the last incident of the day for Van Hook and his unit. He used the same tactic in order to help out another Marine element when it came under fire also. His action caused the insurgents to shift their focus onto him which served to relieve the pressure on the other unit.

People wonder what it is that causes heroes to react and perform they way that they do under these type situations. I believe that the well trained troop will be so focused on his training that fear won’t even enter into his mind. Many report that they become fearful after the incident is over because that’s the time that they are free to think about what just happened. Design a Marine Corps Ring for Afghanistan

The Navy will Beef up it’s Sub Force

Posted July 24th, 2016 by OldWarrior

    The Navy is seriously adding some firepower to its submarine arsenal with a newer class  of nuclear submarines which will be infinitely more deadly than anything currently in the inventory. The new project is called the Ohio Replacement Program and much of the required and detailed planning has already been done.

The best defense is a strong deterrent force because it will cause any enemy to think twice before committing to a strike. Enemy forces would also have to take extra precautions and preparations before launching any type of attack because they would have to consider fighting the formidable threat. This would make his intentions more visible and hinder the proposition of a surprise attack.

Each Submarine is designed to be 560-feet– long and will contain about 16 Trident II D5 missiles. The new submarines will be stealthy, high-tech vehicles able to patrol the entire globe.

Nuclear capable submarines came about during the cold war. Their purpose is to be able to survive an initial nuclear attack and have some missiles left to launch back at an attacking enemy. An initial attack would target all known fixed nuclear missile sites. Believe it or not these would be the first targets because destroying them assures survival in taking away the ability to kill you.

Submarines hiding in gthe ocean would house missiles which would be impossible to destroy in the first wave of the attack. they prove to be a deterrent because their whereabouts are very difficult to account for which would make it extremely difficult to prevent them from launching missiles back at you.  The price tag for this marvelous weapon; 4.9 billion dollars per copy. Purchase a US Navy Ring

The Marine Corps Constantly Adapts its Training

Posted July 24th, 2016 by OldWarrior

The US Marine Corps has made a list of 14 warfighting challenges that will dictate the shape of its future training and prepare Marines for the next 20 years of warfare. (Marine Corps/Reece Lodder)  One of the things that our military does in order to continue to be successful is to adapt and change with the times. Every war is not the same so the tactics which may have brought success during the last campaign could very well be the downfall of the current conflict.

Tools such as after action reviews are utilized in order to correct the things that were done wrong after a conflict, and to improve on the things which were done well. this is done after training exercises and wars alike. Future conflicts must also be taken into account in order to help properly prepare our troops for the conflict that they will have to face. Traditionally the greatest number of casualties occur during the first few days of the war. I believe that there are several factors which influence this. I believe that the state of training or readiness is the biggest factor. Even though troops may be very well trained I believe that there are more casualties because they are not necessarily trained for the current conflict.

The Marine Corps has  made a list of 14 war fighting challenges which will that will dictate the shape of future training and prepare the service for the next 20 years of fighting.

Stated goals are; “improved individual training and education,” and “employ 21st century combined arms.”Training goals have also been set based on expectations of future needs in order to help the Corps get to where it needs to go.

Of course any training plan has to be based on the best possible credible intelligence and an accurate assessment of who will be our potential enemies, and their expected capabilities. We must also develop weapons which will effectively counteract or neutralize anything that they might posses.

Our national security rests on the ability of our Defense Department to access the future battle prospects accurately and to respond accordingly. Purchase a Marine Corps Ring

Rules of Engagement (ROE) are Loosened for Troops

Posted July 23rd, 2016 by OldWarrior

In this undated file photo released by a militant website, which has been verified and is consistent with other AP reporting, militants of the Islamic State group hold up their weapons and wave its flags in a convoy. (Militant website via AP, file) Rules of Engagement are rules given to American combat troops which state the conditions effecting the application of force in any given situation, and the amount of force to apply. They are very effective because they often prevent the killing of civilians and overreacting to situations which is exactly what they are designed to do.

Troops in combat will follow orders and obey the ROE. If there is a situation that warrants additional guidance or fits within a gray area they will check with higher headquarters before responding. If they can’t contact higher headquarters they will react according to their own judgment and return fire if they are in eminent danger of being killed.

ROE for U.S. forces striking the Islamic State and affiliated groups in Afghanistan have been modified to allow them to target militants just for being associated with the terror network.

Previously, the militants could be targeted only if they showed what’s known as hostile intent. Now,” a U.S. official told Fox News, “we can kill ISIS in Afghanistan just for wearing the T-shirt or waving their flag.”

Generally there are three categories of engagement; Weapons hold, weapons tight, and weapons free.

The new change represents the weapons free category which basically gives the right to shoot to kill identified combatants on sight. A status of  weapons tight means to shoot only if the enemy is shooting at you first, while weapons hold indicates that the troop can’t return fire without explicit permission from higher headquarters. Military Rings for all Branches of Service

point smart rifle 428x285  The U.S. Army is considering buying smart optics for infantry squads. The use of the new optics would give them a massive advantage over any enemy that they would face off against on a battlefield. The nature of battle is to win and you must use every possible advantage to get the upper hand on your enemy.

The squad fire-control system would be designed around a common weapon optic which would link all of the squad members’ optics together. The advantage that it gives is that all members will be on the same sheet of music. The biggest advantage is the increased command and control that this system will give the squad leader.

Soldiers are trained to know how to react to a situation regardless of whether the order to react is given or not. they will do exactly as they are trained regardless. The picture that they will fet of the battlefield will alert them to whatever action needs to be taken. The squad leader would simply have to tag a target to inform the rest of his unit of what needs to be done. When they see the tag they know what to do and how to react.

Right now there are improvements that need to be made before the Army will consider using this new product, but I believe that they eventually will because they have been looking for the ideal system of this type for years. Order a US Army Military Ring


Female Marines begin to change Jobs

Posted July 22nd, 2016 by OldWarrior

Female U.S. Marines in training navigate through forest grounds using the land navigation instruction given by their combat instructors at Camp Geiger, N.C., on Oct. 10, 2013. Maricela Veliz/U.S. Marine Corps Females have began to apply for positions within the USMC Special Operations Command after these jobs have recently been made available to them. This is heartening because it shows the willingness of many of our female service members to serve in military occupational specialties which are extremely dangerous and require total commitment and dedication.

Every available MARSOC position does not require troops to go out and fight as infantry. There are many specialized support positions which are necessary to be filled also. Many applicants are seeking to operate as direct support to Special Ops Troops.

I think that some of our woman will find that they are in for a shock if and when they are accepted for these specialized positions and begin the training process. Most applicants do not realize the gravity of the decision to undergo Special Ops training until they actually begin the training and get a firsthand experience of the level of difficulty.

Hearing that the training is rigorous is one thing, but actually going through it is totally different. The trainee will without a doubt  undergo the most miserable experience of his or her life. They will be pushed far past any physical limitations that they could ever think that they had. This requires physical and mental endurance. The only way to get there is through the toughest mental and physical hardship that the trainee can possibly endure and survive.

Those who are worried that the Corps may lower training standards need not worry because instructors are professionals who have been there as far as operating in real world. They will not lower requirements because they know that the lives of other members of any Special Operations Team will depend on the ability of each member to pull his or her weight. Order a Custom Marine Corps Ring



Women can now become Marine Corps Infantry

Posted July 21st, 2016 by OldWarrior

Female Marine   All branches of the military have recently opened opportunities for women to serve in front line combat units. The Marines have joined suit by introducing measures which will allow women to serve as infantrymen.

The Marines will still have a long way to go as far as breaking the ground to prepare for women to move into this field, but I daresay that they will not lower their physical or training standards. Standards are set in place according to the skills that higher headquarters determine the infantry troop will need to survive in combat and to be an asset to his unit rather than a liability.

They will not alter the standard for anyone because the lives of other troops will often depend on the infantryman or woman being able to pull their weight.

The Marine Corps has the lowest ratio of women to men than any other branch of service at 7 to 1. Women will not be forced into this specialty but allowed to volunteer. If volunteers meet the standards they will be accepted. There is still some resistance to the new directive in the upper echelons of the corps but they will comply with it.

Speaking personally if I were a woman I would choose not to enter this specialty because the pay across the board is the same but the combat fatality rate for infantry troops is exponentially higher than non combat troops. Combat troops do have a higher degree of career achievement in their fields because there is more room for advancement and combat type jobs carry more weight during career evaluations by promotion boards.  Order a USMC Infantry Ring

The A-10 will Remain in the Air Force Inventory

Posted July 20th, 2016 by OldWarrior

A-10 Thunderbolt II Many in the Air Force have wanted to scrap the venerable A-10 Thunderbolt because of budget constraints and the fact that they believe a newer model may be able to perform the same function. I disagree with the point of performance because the A-10 was specifically created just for close combat support.

The Air Force is also probably looking at overall utility when they consider scrapping the A-10 because planes of the future fit into the role of multipurpose craft. I believe that the A-10 should be kept as a ground support airplane because it does the job extremely well. They will always have the role of close air support of ground troops so it doesn’t make any sense to me to scrap the piece of equipment which  is far superior to anything else.

Any replacement aircraft would not be able to do as good a job as the A-10 so the performance of our ground forces would suffer.

The A-10 was originally developed to assist our ground forces in an all out war in the European theater. In the scenario that our planners envisioned, our ground troops would have to face off against massive numbers of enemy tanks and other armored vehicles. US and NATO forces would have been outnumbered at least 3 to 1. It would have made a serious dent in the number of armored vehicles that our forces would have had to face on the ground.

ground troops and commanders love the A-10 because they know when they call it will bring in air support that is devastating to enemy troops.  Order a Pilot’s Ring

What are the Smart Optics of the Future?

Posted July 19th, 2016 by OldWarrior

point smart rifle 428x285   I believe that Infantry troops need every advantage that we can give them in combat. I also believe that the thing that makes our military so great is that we maintain the technological edge over our enemies. Troops need to have every possible advantage in combat situations because the object of combat is to win using every available asset. If the enemy does not have the assets that you have that’s his problem and it is a very serious one.

Right now the military is looking at a system which will link all of the members of an infantry squad through the use of optics. This is good because troops in combat need to be able to communicate so that they will know whats going on around them. With advanced optics they will know exactly what their buddies are facing without having to ask. This is significant as far as I am concerned because it will enable them to use their training to assist in circumstances where there fellow squad members need help.

The squad leader would also be able to tag the target that needs to be taken out so that the rest of his unit will see it and be able to engage. This action will pass the  information and give clear directions all without any oral communications. communicating with your unit is often hard in combat because of the confusion of completing the mission and the rapidly changing situation.

The Army is still experimenting with various types of fire control optics but as of yet there is no clear choice. I believe that it will eventually happen because the concept seems to be too good to leave alone. Normally costs will be reduced over time as contractors find more efficient ways to produce needed equipment. Ideas will also improve over time so that the end result will be a much better product than what we are seeing now. Buy an Army Infantry Ring

Marines with Golf Battery, 2nd Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, fire 120 mm high explosive mortar rounds from an Expeditionary Fire Support System at Fort Bragg, N.C., March 9, 2015. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. James R. Smith)     The new precision guided mortar round will be guided by a GPS system which will effectively double its range and triple it’s lethality. Mortars have always been very effective. They are used when indirect fire is needed very rapidly against ground forces. Their biggest advantage is the speed in which they can be set up and used against enemy troops. Their biggest disadvantage is that since they are a high angle weapon they tend to become scattered as they fall to the target which diminished their effectiveness.

The precision extended range munition, or PERM, will be fielded to Marine units in 2018. It is a 120 mm mortar round (the heaviest) and can be easily transported to the battlefield on the primary transport aircraft. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Army adopt something similar because I believe that this new weapon will make a drastic difference.

DOD realized the importance of guided munitions during the first gulf war and began to replace the dumb bombs with smart bombs afterwards. A guided mortar round will make mortars more surgical in that they will be able to use them in situations where friendly forces are close by.

Mortars are normally used in large numbers when they are fired because they are scattered during flight. The reason is that they are fired into the air at a high angle (greater than 45 degrees). They tend to have a long flight time which makes them more vulnerable to the effects of wind and weather in the air.

They are normally the weapon of choice when fired into defilade because they can easily hit targets behind hills or deep in trenches.

The extra range and increased accuracy does result in greater costs for the ammunition, but the trade off will be that less will be needed to do an effective job, and collateral damage will be greatly reduced. Purchase a USMC Ring

This Helicopter may be in the Army’s Future

Posted July 17th, 2016 by OldWarrior

The tiltrotor V-280 Valor aircraft is Bell Helicopter's vision of the future as it prepares for flight demonstrations for the Army in 2017. Artists rendering courtesy Bell Helicopter  The V-280 Valor is an offspring of the V-22 Osprey which is the rototilt aircraft which the Marine Corps currently uses. Vertical lift aircraft have proven to be valuable to the military because of their convenience and usefulness in military operations. The concept for the V-280 is more complex than that of the Osprey, but it essentially serves the same purpose.

The V-280 will be improved in the areas which have been found over time have been found to need improvement with the V-22. Those of you who remember its advent may recall that there were problems initially with flight operations which were eventually ironed out. The thing which has happened with the Osprey is the thing that happens with every other piece of equipment introduced into the military inventory. Improvements are suggested and made over time but troops who actually use the equipment will come up with ideas to improve the practical usefulness of the item.

Most of the design improvement is associated with the wing and engine placement, but the bottom line is that the military has produced a better aircraft. The new V-280 is still a few years down the road as far as full production is concerned, but it may very well replace somr of the ageing models of helicopters being used currently.  Design an Aviator’s Ring

The Russians are Beefing up their Naval Power also

Posted July 16th, 2016 by OldWarrior

   Russia has certainly taken bold steps in order to become a a world superpower once again. They have dedicated time, money, and effort into rebuilding their total military machine. President Putin is deadly serious about being a major force in the world and will spare no expense in doing so.

The reason that they collapsed back in the eighties in my opinion was because they used all available assets to fund their military machine. The economy could not withstand the resulting financial burden. Afghanistan was the final straw because it overtaxed their ability to enforce rule and keep up with the US in terms of technology.

I am sure that they have certainly learned from their mistakes. They are rebuilding now at a more organized, reasonable pace. They are placing added emphasis on the rebuilding of their Navy. It has always been their biggest military weakness because of the geography of where they are located.

Russian warships recently launched a cruise missile from the Caspian Sea which successfully took out targets over 1,000 miles away in Syria. They have also launched submarine based missiles from the Mediterranean Sea to do the same thing.

There is always a reason to be concerned about the military spending of other countries because we never know their true intentions. russia has shown aggressive tendencies with its recent action in the Ukraine so there is a cause for concern. We should be OK as long as we maintain our current technological edge. US Navy Military Rings